Andreea Cristea

Graphic Designer

I don’t remember a time in my life when I was not engaging creatively with something. All the family videos reveal my miniature self painting, dancing, photographing, and filming with old telephones and cameras. I was a curious child that enjoyed asking ‘why?’ and I’m glad to say I haven’t changed since. The skills I have gained over the years are excavating tools that help me now explore life.

In my professional career, I have tried illustration, printmaking, analogue photography, installation art, film, experimental sound and digital art  believing that together all of these facets shaped the designer I am today. Through my holistic approach, I aim to create a safe environment within my work for others to question and explore intentions, and advance design through alternative mediums.

Joining Prior + Partners as a Graphic Designer in 2023, I brought to the practice my multidisciplinary attitude, along with extensive experience in digital art & design, activated through persistent curiosity and experimentation. As I progress through my career, I want to focus a significant part of my growth to rising to the creative challenges we are faced with and to become a problem-solver in any given opportunity.

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