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Katherine is an urban planner at Prior + Partners. Before joining the P+P team, Katherine studied Urban Studies at McGill University followed by a recent master’s degree in Urban Design and City Planning at UCL. This followed experience in real-estate marketing at a major developer—Polygon Homes—in Vancouver, Canada.

At UCL, Katherine studied spatial planning, placemaking strategies, urban masterplanning, neighbourhood planning, and community engagement. This culminated in a practice-based major research project on the role of small sites in suburban intensification proposed a design-led approach to guiding small-site delivery as well as understanding their capacity to contribute homes in outer London.

At Polygon Homes, Katherine was involved in the marketing and pre-sale programmes of large-scale housing developments in ranging from high-density, mixed-use urban sites to suburban development.


recent projects include

Aylesbury Garden Town, UK

Prior+Partners has been commissioned to undertake a comprehensive and cohesive masterplanning process for the newly identified Garden Town at Aylesbury. This work presents an opportunity to prepare a coordinated strategy which delivers on the Garden Town principles.


Waltham Forest Character and Intensification Study, London

This study for the London Borough of Waltham Forest is being prepared to support the council in understanding the best way to optimise growth and intensification which responds to the current and developing character of the borough. The study will form part of the evidence base to inform the review of the borough’s existing Urban Design SPD and support a New Waltham Forest Local Plan.