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Jason Prior


Masterplanner + Urban Designer + Landscape Architect

Jason is well known for producing city-scale, transformative masterplans and strategies that result in successful new communities and renewal of existing towns and cities. 

Jason was instrumental in the successful design and delivery of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, leading the masterplan from bid-stage through to legacy. His work led to the transformation of Manchester City Centre and is currently leading transformative masterplans for Euston, Birmingham Smithfield, and Slivertown in the UK, as well as a new campus for Google in Sunnyvale California.

Jason is passionate about working collaboratively with clients and multidisciplinary teams of economists, planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, ecologists, scientists, engineers and artists. His projects are often large scale, complex and have a lifespan of many years. 

As an urban designer, master planner and landscape architect, Jason established Prior + Partners to specialise in large complex city projects. Formerly Jason was Chief Executive of Buildings and places at AECOM. 

Euston Station, London

Jason supported Lendlease in their successful submission to the Department for Transport to serve as Master Development Partner for the redevelopment of Euston Station and surrounding area and Prior + Partners continues to lead the masterplanning team for this important project. The vision for the future of Euston Station is to make this the main London terminus for the high-speed rail service, HS2. It will provide connections to the Midlands and the North and is due to start operating in 2026. The project will include more than 400,000 square meters of commercial, retail, hotel and leisure spaces, and will also deliver a significant number of new homes.  

Google Moffett Park, Sunnyvale, USA

Jason has been working with Google to develop a vision and development framework for Moffett Park in Sunnyvale California. The proposal involves the transformation of a 6.9 km2 (1,705 acres) suburban car-centric office park into an integrated, resilient, mixed-use campus. The masterplan document is intended to serve as both a critical reference document that will inform an update to the local authority plan, as well as a blueprint for development for the client.  


Silvertown Masterplan, London

Jason has been working with Lendlease to develop a masterplan for this major urban renewal project in London’s East End. With an estimated end development value of £3.5 billion, Silvertown Quays will provide 7 million sq ft of residential and commercial space – and stands to significantly bolster the city’s supply of affordable housing stock. The 20-hectare site is strategically located between Canary Wharf and London City Airport. The project will feature extensive, high quality public realm and is well connected to existing DLR stations adjacent to the site. 

Olympic Park Legacy Communities, London

Jason’s leadership role on the design side of this large-scale project ensured that the vision of the Boroughs, Mayor, and local people ,in creating a well-connected and well-served new district of London could be carried through from concept to completion. The work involved  drawing together numerous stakeholder inputs, including local boroughs, businesses and communities, and ensuring that the scheme fully reflected the potential of the post Olympic opportunity. Creating a unique opportunity for large-scale regeneration, the Olympic Games acts as a catalyst for the future of this eastern part of London. With his extensive experience in planning and urban revival, Jason led the consultant team in the preparation of a Legacy Masterplan Framework which is central to the successful realisation of the scheme.

2012 Olympic Park, London

Preceding the legacy work, Jason helped lead a multidisciplinary team delivering the Olympic infrastructure and park design masterplan for the Lower Lea Valley. The masterplan involved producing two new planning applications in both Olympic and post Olympic mode, venue briefs for nine arenas and the detail design of a new park for London.


Manchester City Centre Redevelopment, Manchester 

Jason has a long association with this powerful industrial city and was pivotal in its successful regeneration following a bomb blast which destroyed a large part of the central area. Instead of simply repairing the damage, it was agreed with the city. Authorities and other stakeholders to seize the opportunity to rethink the central area and revive it as a great place to live, work and enjoy leisure time. To guide the city’s regeneration, Jason’s team prepared a development framework, detailed masterplan and public realm strategy. The masterplanning role included directing a multidisciplinary team of urban planners, architects, engineers and transport consultants in partnership with the city’s Task-force and private landowners.

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