Credit: Quality of Life Foundation

Collaboration for positive impacts on health and wellbeing

Shaun Andrews, Director of UK Planning Strategy at Prior + Partners, emphasised the significance of the project in addressing the crucial link between the built environment and public health. He said: “Our collaboration with the Quality of Life Foundation and the LGA  presents a unique opportunity to explore how planning can positively create health and wellbeing within existing and new communities”

Matthew Morgan, Director at the Quality of Life Foundation, echoed these sentiments, expressing enthusiasm about the project, stating, “We are pleased to be part of this important endeavour to empower local councils in fostering healthier communities. By consolidating and simplifying information on planning powers and public health, we aim to equip councils with the tools they need to create environments conducive to improved health outcomes.”


Credit: Quality of Life Foundation

Highlighting innovative practice

The project will involve desk-based review to consolidate existing information into a user-friendly format accessible to councillors, officers, and partners. Currently, no such document exists, highlighting the need for this initiative to fill a crucial gap in resources available to local authorities.

With a focus on understanding the components of a healthy neighbourhood within the remit of local councils, the project will explore the powers, duties, and innovative practices employed by councils across England. It will also delve into case studies highlighting exemplary approaches from different regions and political contexts.

Additionally, the initiative will identify gaps in current policy and practice, offering recommendations to bolster council powers and support the development of healthier neighbourhoods. The final report will include policy recommendations to guide future efforts and promote a holistic approach to community wellbeing.

This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to understanding and harnessing the role of local councils in shaping environments that promote health and wellbeing for all residents.