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Elise Baudon


Urban Planner

Elise is a highly skilled urban planner and project manager with a range of global experience. As a designer and project manager, Elise has delivered large-scale regeneration schemes, neighbourhood planning studies, and open space and public realm design strategies in the UK, US and France.

A broad cultural perspective, and a conviction that well-designed built environments have the ability to transform our lives underpin Elise’s work.

Elise has worked with a mix of public and private sector clients including municipal agencies in both the UK and US, emerging technology firms, and sustainability-focused property developers. Attuned to the many competing interests at play in the development process, she brings expertise in strategic planning, resiliency planning and design, commercial analysis, and inclusive stakeholder engagement to her projects.

Elise is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a licensed member of the American Planning Association.


Old Oak Common and Park Royal Masterplan, London

As part of a comprehensive masterplanning process for this transformative 650 hectare regeneration scheme in north-west London, Elise defined a strategic narrative, and distilled key project ambitions into a concise and graphically appealing prospectus, to assist the Greater London Authority and Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation in their Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) bid submission.


The Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment, London

To help the Department for Culture, Media and Sport develop its thinking about the role of government in achieving high-quality design, Elise led the research team which provided evidence for this national- and consultation-based review of the state of architecture and the built environment in the UK.


East Side Coastal Resiliency (also known as Rebuild by Design: The Big U), NYC

To guide the delivery of this visionary $800 million flood protection system set to protect and enhance socially and physically vulnerable neighbourhoods in Manhattan, Elise spearheaded open space and public realm designs, and led a year-long outreach process, integrating stakeholder feedback into design development throughout.


Freshkills Park Masterplan, NYC

For this multi-phase transformation of New York City’s largest landfill into an expansive 890 hectare public park, Elise provided project management across a large multi-disciplinary team, navigated a complex environmental permitting process, and developed an implementable design for South Park, in line with the spirit of the original masterplan.


East Harlem Resiliency Study, NYC

Supporting the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency (ORR) in its efforts to address the impact of climate change in a diverse, dense, and rapidly evolving area of Manhattan, Elise worked to ensure the year-long study would incorporate an innovative stakeholder outreach strategy, by partnering with a local school to co-create a hands-on resiliency plan.

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