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To help solve many of the urgent challenges facing communities in our towns and cities, and to make sure the potential of every project is unlocked, we work at a range of scales from city and region, to individual sites.


Helping to create successful new places where communities can put down roots and flourish through sensitive and clever urban design. We develop imaginative and inspiring plans that capture the sense of place and respect the environment.

Strategic planning 
Getting right to the heart of what makes places unique and special, our research into local history, people and culture gives us a robust base from which to start planning for the future. We are great listeners and take care to learn about people’s aspirations and concerns, and then work towards making neighbourhoods, towns and cities that provide great places for people long into the future.

Town planning advisory 
Providing clear and commercially astute advice, our specialists can support the whole planning process advising on acquisition and promotion through to plan making, planning consenting and onward delivery. Investment opportunities and longterm planning for growth require ever more scrutiny and demand innovative solutions.
We work with public and private sector clients and work across land promotion in complex situations (including Green Belt promotion) together with the preparation of planning applications for public, institutional and private sector clients.

Community + stakeholder engagement 
Collaboration and building consensus is at the heart of what we do. We know that the best and most enduring completed projects are achieved when ideas are challenged and informed by the people we are designing for. Our many long-term relationships with clients, partners and collaborators are a testament to our belief that the best projects come from great team working.

Urban analytics + research 
Making the most of the opportunities and insights offered by our increasingly digital and data-rich world, we use data and research to inform our design and planning proposals. Whether this means using drones for site surveying or digital tools to speed up data analysis, there is plenty of potential for saving time and money while also increasing accuracy and saving money.

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