Ahmed Jawdat


My interest in urban design and city-making began in Riyadh, my hometown, where I first noticed the impact of the city’s urban fabric on daily life. This curiosity only grew when I moved to Miami, where I started my career by studying architecture. The experience of living in a variety of cities, like Riyadh, Miami, Rome, New York, AlUla, and now London, have enriched my understanding of urbanisation, learning from each city’s unique identity and culture. Motivating me to explore boarder contexts and how architecture influences urban existence, this diverse exposure continues to shape me, both professionally and personally.

As an Architect, Urban Designer and Planner, the most fulfilling part of my career is the tangible impact design can have on improving people’s quality of life. My approach always focuses on capturing the unique cultural and social dynamics of each urban fabric and to me, cities and places are living entities. This authentic essence of a place is something I aim to understand and augment throughout my work.

Professionally, my experiences over the years have been diverse, ranging from working as a consultant to becoming client-side on key projects that are shaping the future of Saudi cities. Whilst working for Prior + Partners, I am continuing my development by completing a PhD, allowing me to link practical experience with theoretical, academic research. This unique blend of perspectives gives me a broad understanding to approach each project with. Always seeking distinctive ways to investigate and address urban challenges through creativity and innovation.

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