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Seeing Aylesbury Garden Town Flourish

To guide the growth of Aylesbury Garden Town, Buckinghamshire, to the year 2050, P+P is working with design consultancy Alan Baxter to develop a masterplan, delivery strategy and vision.

The masterplan will help define what makes Aylesbury Garden Town special, providing design guidance and also setting out how physical and social infrastructure can be delivered in an innovative way, to help create an environment that’s both sustainable and desirable.

Community input is crucial and the team will draw on feedback that’s been received from local residents, via ongoing engagement sessions and through the Aylesbury Garden Town website. They will also be working closely with key partners and agencies, such as the NHS and local business groups, to put together the framework and associated delivery plan.

A draft of the masterplan is due to go to public consultation in Spring 2019, with the final version expected by the summer. More information about Aylesbury Garden Town can be found at

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