Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE


The largest Expo of recent years occupying almost 450 hectares, and with more than 130 countries taking part, is sure to attract vast global crowds. With the theme of ‘Connecting minds, creating the future’ , this architectural showcase will create an spectacular stage for the celebration of the UAE’s 50th anniversary and will be the region’s first major global event.

Graham Goymour and Jason Prior led the team that developed the masterplan which features a series of themed zones that converge on the central Al Wasil place, where the major events of the Expo will be staged. Linked to the extended Dubai Metro network, the Expo will be easily accessible from across the UAE.

 The design task was challenging. This six-month long event will have visitor numbers that ebb and flow up to the busiest times when there will be several hundred thousand people onsite. With a full calendar of events, it’s expected that many people will visit a number of times. To accommodate this the design includes plenty of flexibility, adaptability and variety. Entrance security systems must be robust and efficient and there will be a huge choice of attractions, restaurants and retail opportunities to keep visitors entertained.

Permanent pavilions and buildings will form the core of the post-Expo legacy which will become a new city quarter for innovation, research and higher education. With a large residential population and new jobs, it will act as an exemplar for smart city development and sustainable urban systems.