Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – Legacy Communities, London

QE Olympic park - legacy communities .png

Client: London Legacy Development Corporation

The compelling ambition of the 2012 London Olympics plan lay not so much in the Games venue, but in establishing the vision and a strategy for the legacy communities that would follow.

Throughout the design development of the Games, a parallel design exercise was under way. This was for a lasting legacy and ensured that investment in the Games would enable a successful and immediate transition to a new London quarter including homes, jobs, culture and education amenities with fantastic transport connections.

The post-Games community ambitions were secured through new planning policies for the Lee Valley enabled through the London Mayor’s office and local boroughs. Planning approvals were granted and land was acquired to create the basis of a great new London estate to be implemented by the public sector with private sector partners.

Infrastructure, utilities, connections and remediation were all tested against long-term community ambitions. Games venues were evaluated for their long-term viability and scaled accordingly. The Olympic Village was designed for its future occupants and schools and clinics were created from village facilities. The park was designed to become London’s newest royal park.

Today, the catalytic effect of the Olympic Park development is seen all around the adjacent boroughs with thousands of new homes and jobs emerging from Tottenham down to the Thames.