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Odysseas Diakakis



Odysseas has been working the last 10 years as an Architect and Urban Designer in a wide range of projects, from small public spaces to complex masterplans in the UK and abroad. 

His interest lies in a design approach with focus on the future users, while he promotes collaboration between different teams and disciplines. He works with drawings that communicate the sense of space and he thrives to explore innovative ideas, specially when dealing with projects that contribute to the public realm.  

Google Moffett Park, Sunnyvale, USA

Odysseas has been working from the beginning of the project in a number of design work in a variety of scales and themes - from district-wide scale to specific neighbourhoods and from high level envisioning presentations to detail plans and capacity testing. He is taking part in the design direction of the masterplan and coordinates internally between the team. The project envisions the transformation of Google’s suburban campus into an integrated, resilient, mixed-use urban quarter. 

Euston Station, London

Odysseas assisted the team with a number of strategic diagrams, masterplan studies on the north end of the site and detail cross sections for the site showing the ambition to combine the rail infrastructure with the development on top as well as the adjacent sites. Euston presents a unique opportunity to create a new mixed-use sustainable community, founded on learning and creativity, while it will be transformed to one of the worlds busiest transport interchanges.

North West Cambridge, Cambridge

Odysseas worked in a number of studies in the second phase of the masterplan developing housing layouts along with street and open space adjustments. That involved coordination with Landscape architects, infrastructure engineers and the clients. 150 hectares of university-owned land, the new urban district and extension to the city is centred on a mixed academic and urban community. 


Oxford Station SPD, Oxford

Odysseas was part of a multidisciplinary team that worked with the council to deliver the SPD document (which is now adopted). He worked on the development of layout studies with drawings and 3d-models next to transport engineers, and planners, finding integrated optimised solutions. He also took part in a number of meetings with the council and in the consultation events with the public. Focusing on the arriving experience to Oxford, the SPD brings forward an overarching vision to create a new transport interchange and a distinctive gateway to Oxford. The SPD provides a comprehensive and coherent policy framework to maximise the development potential of the station site and generate a positive dynamic with surrounding opportunity sites. 


Geffrye Museum Masterplan, London

Odysseas had a key role overseeing the project next to the lead Partner, taking part in the client meetings and presentations, working on the proposed layout design and coordinating internally and externally with consultants. Using the existing fabric of the 18th Century Almshouses - to unlock the congested Museum of the Home - in a sensitive approach that works mainly with the existing fabric using spaces not accessible before to the public.

Armenia Ethnographic District, Yereven, Armenia

Odysseas was a senior urban designer for this project working next to the project director from the concept design to the final document submission. That included a number of character areas studies representing the different zones of Armenia through drawings, models as well as land use and transport principles. Aiming to showcase Armenia’s architectural heritage and promote different parts of the country while bringing forward ideas for the creation of new destinations.

Ecological Park, Athens, Greece

Working next to the project director, Odysseas assisted with the design, drawings, presentations and meetings from the initial concept sketches until the final implementation on site. For the later stages he attended a number of site supervision visits making sure that the design conceptual and ecological principles are materialised. The site used to be abandoned open space in this south neighbourhood of Athens in the middle of mid-density urban blocks. The proposal introduced a number of diverse layers of planting, water treatment, pathways and places to sit and play creating references with the local natural context. 

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