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21st Century New Communities: Raising The Ambition

publication launch

Large scale new communities must play an important role in addressing the many challenges facing the UK in the 21st Century. However, with a few notable exceptions, the UK’s track record in delivering inspiring new communities has been poor.

In 2020, Prior + Partners and the ULI UK organised a series of roundtable discussions with industry leaders. These set out to understand the attributes a new community should have, the issues associated with creating fantastic new places at scale, and what lessons can be learnt from existing practice to both inform and improve future delivery and outcomes.

The outcomes of these discussions and Prior + Partners' research are contained in our joint 21st Century New Communities report.  


The current and future challenges facing our economy, society and environment including the climate emergency, technological advancements, and the recent experience of living through the Covid-19 pandemic, raise fundamental questions about the nature and function of our villages, towns and cities, and how they can support environmentally sustainable and healthy lifestyles. 

Drawing on good practice, the report identifies five core delivery principles and twelve foundations for success, so that the UK’s new community developments of the 2020’s can together become the best practice examples of the future, fit for the 21st century and beyond.

In undertaking this research and publishing this report, we seek to raise the level of ambition to improve the quality of homes and new community development delivered throughout the UK. By offering new insights and inspiration to all those seeking to be, or who are already actively engaged in the delivery of new towns, villages, or urban extensions, we aim to create the momentum for positive change.  

Continuing to understand how best to address this challenge is an ongoing undertaking for ULI UK and Prior + Partners, and anyone interested in finding out more should contact 

Full Report: 21st Century New Communities: Raising the ambition - full report.pdf
Executive Summary: 21st Century New Communities: Rasing the ambition - executive summary.pdf


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