Life + Design in a Pandemic World

Spring 2020 will forever be in our memories, as the Covid19 pandemic brings profound changes to how we live our lives. 

The nature of the places and spaces we live in, work in, shop in, exercise in, and raise our children in, have suddenly been brought into sharp focus as we collectively seek to navigate our way into living a ‘new normal’.

As strategists, planners, and designers of place, Prior + Partners has started a conversation with our employees, our contacts, partners and clients, about the implications of this pandemic for how we approach the planning and design of our towns and cities.

The implications are far reaching, and require us to consider not just how we may plan and design new places, but also whether we may need to consider redesigning our existing places and spaces. 

This booklet sets out some of our initial thoughts in response to a series of questions about the nature of our public space, living space, town centres, work places, and how we interact socially. We invite you to consider your own perspectives, and share your reflections with us, so we can collectively evolve our thinking regarding key design principles for the places we inhabit now and will inhabit in the future.

View the full document here.

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Learning from Pandemics