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Central Bedfordshire 2050

What will life be like in 2050? Will things be very different? We will all be 30 years older, we may be retired, have children or grandchildren. We might be living longer. We might be a lot richer – or poorer – than we are now. However, we will still care about our families, our friends and neighbours and their prospects for the future.

Prior + Partners are commissioned by Central Bedfordshire Council to lead a wider consortium to prepare a fresh and innovative long-term vision for Central Bedfordshire.

Positioned at the heart of the UK’s motorway, rail and air networks, and only 30 minutes from London, Central Bedfordshire’s location at the heart of the Oxford – Cambridge Growth corridor will see not only new homes and population growth, but a significantly changing demography. 

Recognising the challenges and opportunities this creates our team are challenging current thinking, considering future societal, lifestyle and technical changes and setting out an ambitious but realistic vision for change.

The project is being delivered under a pro-active and fresh engagement strategy that brings together residents, businesses and organisations to ensure the work informed by people who live and work in Central Bedfordshire.


Bedfordshire, UK


Central Bedfordshire Council


Strategic Planning, Visioning


Kevin Murray Associates, Hatch



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