Anastasia Kuchta


Anastasia is a Graphic Designer at Prior + Partners. Anastasia has solid training and skills in all forms of  marketing and graphic design, both online and offline. She is adept at taking core messaging and creating visual concepts, using design elements to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate the audience. 

Previous to joining Prior + Partners Anastasia worked at a start-up app and in a design agency. ​

North Essex Garden Communities, Essex

Anastasia was responsible for putting together the North Essex Garden Communities Manifesto. The manifesto illustrated the principles of new Garden Towns through a number of sketches, infographics and case studies. North Essex Garden Communities Ltd was set up in 2017 to take forward proposals for three new garden communities across North Essex. Prior+Partners are leading a wider consortium to advance the masterplanning and delivery of new communities at Colchester Braintree Borders and Colchester Tendring Borders. 

Silvertown Masterplan, London

Anastasia has designed a number of materials over the course of the Silvertown Quays project, that have been used in engagement events, design review panels and planning submissions. Silvertown Quays is a major urban renewal project strategically located between Canary Wharf and London City Airport. The project includes high quality public realm, residential and commercial spaces. 

Central Bedfordshire 2050, Bedfordshire

Anastasia designed a number of materials used in stakeholder and community engagement events. These materials included postcards, vision papers and activity sheets. Prior + Partners are developing a fresh and innovative long-term vision for Central Bedfordshire, considering future societal, lifestyle and technical changes and setting out an ambitious but realistic vision for change.

Google Moffett Park, Sunnyvale, USA

Anastasia has illustrated maps and other visuals for the future Google development. Prior + Partners is working with Google to develop a vision and development framework for Moffett Park in Sunnyvale, California. The proposal involves the transformation of a 6.9 km2  (1,705 acres) suburban car-centric office park into an integrated, resilient, mixed-use campus in collaboration with locally-based technical consultants. 

Sky Central, London

Anastasia produced a number of graphics for Sky Project Services, both during and after the construction of Sky Central. These graphic outputs included user friendly maps of the changing campus, a transport website and a number of information pamphlets. Sky Central is flagship building at the heart of the broadcaster’s 13 hectare media campus headquarters in Osterley, West London.

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